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No liability for any errors or omissions
The information contained in this website has been provided by John Dunbar Company for information purposes only and does not constitute legal or professional advice. While the content is intended to be accurate and useful for the user, John Dunbar Company gives no guarantees in this regard and does not accept any legal liability or responsibility for the content or the accuracy of the information so provided, or for any loss or damage caused by using such information.
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Any views, opinions and guidance set out on this website are provided for information purposes only, and do not purport to be legal and/or professional advice or a definitive interpretation of any law. Anyone contemplating action based on the content of this website should obtain advice from a suitably qualified professional adviser.

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John Dunbar Company assumes no responsibility or liability associated with third-party content linked on this website. John Dunbar Company has no control over the content on external websites and offers access to third-party content for information purposes and as a matter of convenience only. The links should not be taken as an endorsement by John Dunbar Company of its accuracy.

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